8 Home Office Ideas To Try Now

Who said working from home has to be boring? Mastering a simple home office look can be easy if you have the right space. Add a little color or spice it up with some unique furniture. It’ll take your home office to the next level! From bohemian to modern, here are 8 home office ideas to try now!



This office space is perfect for anyone who loves the simple things in life. Not only does the all white décor and the wire grid chair scream minimalist, the overall look is easy and quick to achieve.

Photo via Apartment 34



If you’re into shaggy rugs and ottomans, this office space is made for you! Add a few plants and a decorative area rug and you’re set to go! This room is perfect for anyone who enjoys brightly colored rooms.

Photo via West Elm




This clean and elegant room is a twist on the modern take. The neutral grey and tan tones with the pipe like stool creates a balance between a modern theme office and an industrial theme office. Spice it up with some tin pots and pencil holders!

Photo via Bloglovin’



Pink and gold decor is all you need in order to create a chic office space. This office space is simple yet unique, the contrasting chair gives the space a final touch. Who said that girly has to be predictable!

Photo via Advice from a 20 something



The worldly look is s great DIY! Not only can you mix and match different cultures to achieve this look, you can include some many pieces to this look. Add a map, some African throw pillows and a mini Buddha statue and bring the wordly theme to life.

Photo via shop.cottonon.com



Modern office spaces are my favorite! The fur rugs and the wall art that expresses your style are a plus. Simple yet classy, this office space can be achieve with a few magazine cutouts. Add an iron wall grid and the look is complete!

Photo via Career Girl Daily



When I think of vintage, the idea of a rundown furniture comes to mind . That doesn’t have to be the case here. Find a vintage chair or desk at a thrift store or a local Goodwill to add some oomph to the space. Vintage is not only based  on the furniture choice, find some old clocks or Polaroid pictures to add to the desk as decor.

Photo via Apartment Therapy



Fashion lovers rejoice! This glamorous black and white office space is perfect for stylish yet always on the go individuals. Add some simple wall art whether it’s quotes or stylish black and white paintings.

Photo via Home Designing

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