9 Quick And Easy Hair Styles To Try When You’re In A Rush

Time is not always on my side, from waking up late or on time, I still can’t seem to conquer leaving out the door on time. There are many factors that can cause you to keep hitting that snooze button numerous times. Having to reduce your morning beauty regime can be a problem if you actually want to look like a well rounded adult throughout the day. Here are 10 easy hairstyles to try now that’ll take less than 5 minutes!




Braids are an easy go-to hairstyle. Whether you keep it simple with corn rows or switch it up with a french braid, this hairstyle is quick and stylish.

Photo via Pinterest



Top Knot

I personally love the top knot! The top knot is perfect for when the front of your hair is not cooperating. Part the hair in half and add a simple bun or a messy one of your choice and you’re good to go.

Photo via Le Fashion


4957947f44374faa118f96e7238d0c1fPin It

Oh, the good ole bobby pin. Bobby pins are a great investment for those late mornings. Ditch your go-to bobby pins for some rad colored bobby pins to add some sass to your day.

Photo via Buzzfeed


Sleek Ponytail

A sleek ponytail is very different from a typical ponytail. Sporting a sleek ponytail just screams business! Use some hold cream or gel to achieve this stunning look.

Photo via Crush Cul De Sac





Calling all my curly girls! Whether you use some rollers or if you’re natural, pick out your fro or add some water to spice up your curls!

Photo via Pinterest


Low Bun

I love a simple low bun. Add a part or a swoop in the front of your head to achieve this look.

Photo via Hairstyles.com



Headbands are great for the lazy days! Waking up late and not stressing about your hair is always a plus. Throw on a cute stylish headband and wow your peers.

Photo via The Chronicle



Wavy hair is also an easy go-to! Your curls dropped? No problem! Brush out the curls for a wavy look and your good to go.

Photo via Pinterest



High Bun

A high bun is simple yet classy. When your hair is wet or dirty, throw it up in a bun! Whether it is a sleek bun or a casual bun, you can not go wrong with this look.

Photo via Shop Style

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