5 Ways to Update Your Wardrobe This Month

A new year is the perfect chance to update your wardrobe. As new trends come along, old trends fade away into the background. If you’re anything like me, the option of spending an entire paycheck on a new wardrobe is out of the question. Keep it simple and creative by using key pieces in your closet to update your wardrobe this month. Scroll below to see 5 ways to update to your wardrobe without going bankrupt.

Add Some Layers

Now that’s its freezing, adding layers is a plus. Simply add a tank top or button up shirt to a sweater or a blouse and you’re good to go.

Include Statement Socks


A good pair of socks can transform an ordinary shoe into something more satisfyingly good. Whether you use fishnet socks, sparkly socks or socks with a pattern, your shoe game will improve.

Mix And Match

The key is to mixing and matching your pieces is to stay in the same color range! Have some fun with your outfit by including plaid, stripes, or animal prints.

Add A Unique Belt

I love a good belt! Not only does belts secure your clothing, they add some oomph to an outfit. Easily add an unique belt of your choice to bring your outfit to another level.

Go Monochromatic

Keep it simple with one color! All black outfits are always a easy go-to, try an all grey look or an all white look for a completely different look.




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