Cozy Knits


I love the overall vibe of winter! I’ve always preferred cold weather over hot weather without any hesitation. During the winter, I try not to limit my looks to only cold weather items such as knits and denim because it becomes too predictable.

For today’s look, I’d decided to switch it up. I’d paired a cozy two toned sweater with a classic black slip dress. Wearing a midi dress in the winter can be a risk but it works if you winterize your pieces.

The easiest way to winterize a dress is to add a sweater or a turtleneck underneath. You can also winterize a dress by taking it up a notch by adding tights or a cozy scarf. Don’t let the weather hinder your looks, stay true to your style.

Slip Dress- Thrifted

Sweater- Thrifted

Boots- Go Jane

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