4 Easy Tips to Get Perfect Eyebrows

There have been countless of times where my eyebrows have been over-plucked or re-shaped which resulted in me dreading to go outside. Leaving it up to the pros is an option but it can leave a dent in your pockets. Hassling your own brows is not only affordable but also easy. Scroll down below for four easy ways to get the brows of your dreams.

Prep Your Brow

Prepping your brow is an important step! To prep your brow, simply brush your eyebrow hairs into place. Start from the root of the brow to the end, making sure you keep the natural flow of the brow.

I recommend:


Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brush #12

Define The Shape

Lightly pluck away the extra hairs to help reveal the shape of your brow. This step can be tricky because of over-plucking. The key to not over-pluck is to only pluck hairs that are not going in the right direction of the brow.

I recommend:



Fill in The Space

Add some density to your brows by shading your brows in. Be careful to not add more shading that is noticeable. When filling in my brows, I gently add filling to areas that have little to no hair.

I recommend:


Maybelline Eye Studio Brow Define and Fill Duo

Add Details

Finish off your brow by adding brow gel. Brow gel works perfectly if you have thin brows. Not only does brow gel gives you more density, it also gives your brow some texture.

I recommend:


NARS Brow Gel

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