The Best Face Mists For Your Skin

With warmer weather quickly approaching, a soothing facial mist can be a perfect essential for spring and summer. Facial mists not only hydrates your skin but it also leaves your skin with a refreshing glow. Whether you decides to use the mist in the morning or throughout the day, a good mist would improve your skin. Scroll below to see the best face mists for your skin.

For The Morning:


Caudalie Grape Water is a perfect face mist to use to start your day off right. This 100% organic grape water increase hydration and reduces sensitive skin. ($22)

After Finishing Your Makeup:


Mario Badescu Facial Spray works as a face mists and a setting spray. Infused with aloe, herbs, and rosewater, this face mist leaves you feeling refreshed. ($7)

Anytime, Anywhere:


CLINQUE Moisture Surge Face Spray is the face mist you’ll need on a long day. This oil-free face mist is packed with aloe that will soothe and restore balance to your skin. ($24.50)

Before Bed:


Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water is a lightweight hydrating mists that will help soften your skin while your sleeping. Based with coconut water and rose scented, this mist is a must-have. ($32)

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