6 Must-Have Beauty Finds At Your Local CVS

Walking into a CVS and only buying what you planned to buy rarely happens. There have been many times where I would leave CVS with over 10 extra items. Whether you are going to the drugstore to fill a prescription or pick up nail polish remover, the option to stock up on beauty products are unlimited. The next time you enter your local CVS, check the aisle for these must-have beauty finds.

4155446652Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Foundation ($7.99)

This foundation is hands down perfect if you have trouble finding a foundation that matches your skin tone. Aimed to eliminate pores and oily skin, Maybelline Fit Me foundation is lightweight and affordable.50428564288Beauty 360 Green Tea & Apricot Soothing Multi-Use Face Mask Pods ($5.99)

The mask trend is in full effect, try a different take on the trend by using the Beauty 360 face mask pods. Infused with green tea and apricot, this mask will leave your skin refreshed.


Revlon Photoready Primer, Perfecting Primer ($13.99)

Revlon’s photoready primer softens and soothes skin, leaving your skin feeling flawless. You can apply it before or after your foundation and it is bound to last throughout the day.4155444218Maybelline Eye Studio Brow Define and Fill Duo ($8.49)

If you’ve been looking for a good eyebrow filler, this is it! Maybelline’s Eye Studio Brow aims to define and fill your brows to perfection.

63942803422MUA Sugar Lip Scrub ($4)

This sugar scrub exfoliates your lips without having to rinse it off. Perfect for dry flaky lips, MUA sugar scrub repairs lips leaving a nice minty feel on your lips.


Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Cleansing Pads ($5.99)

Pre-moisture, self-foaming pads help prevent breakouts and oily skin. Aveeno Clear Complexion Pads are packed with natural soy extracts that even out skin tone and tame dryness.

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