Two-Tone Denim

IMG_4185IMG_4202 (1)IMG_4209IMG_4239IMG_4266IMG_4307IMG_4244IMG_4199 (1)IMG_4219IMG_4234IMG_4262

Denim is always a good idea, with the season changing, I try to incorporate the trend based off of the weather. Now that Fall is here, I couldn’t wait to pull out these bad boys. I’ve been searching for a perfect pair of two-tone denim and I was very happy when I came across them at H&M. The thing that I love about the jeans are the cut and shape. I couldn’t resist the form fitting with a little distress details at the bottom of the jeans. To complete my look, I kept it casual with a white t-shirt, lace up chunky heels, and a hat.

Denim- H&M

Tee- H&M

Heels- Macy’s

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