Summer’s Most Wanted Handbags

Summer handbags are colorful, festive and a perfect mood for an Instagram shot. When I’m shopping for a great summer bag, I tend to look for on the go convenience as well as an extremely stylish piece. I’ve been noticing a few handbag trends that have been popping up and it’s hard to ignore. Scroll below to see the hottest styles for summer.

Straw Handbags

Vacation mode set!


Zara– Straw Bag With Rounded Handles ($49.90)


TOPSHOP– Bright Snail Straw Tote Bag ($50)


Clear Handbags

Keep it simple and chic!


Mango– Vinyl Shopper Bag ($39.99)


TOPSHOP– Perspex Shopper Bag ($50)


Beaded Handbags

Statement jewelry turned into a purse!


Zara– Mini Tote Bag With Studs ($49.99)


Mango– Beaded See-Through Bag ($69.99)


Net Handbags

Fruit picking gone right!


Mango– Handmade Net Bag ($69.99)


H&M– Net Bag ($14.99)

One thought on “Summer’s Most Wanted Handbags

  1. Hi there. I have to agree so much on the trends, especially the net bags. I even made a whole post dedicated to it if you are interested in reading. By the way how did you come up with your blog name? I love it so much. 😍😍


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