The Best Shampoos For Your Hair Type

Finding the right shampoo can be tricky if you don’t know what works well with your hair type. I have tried many shampoos that left my hair brittle and unmanageable. From the countless times of going through drugstore aisle or searching many websites to find the right choice for me, I finally found the right products.

Whether you have fine, curly, or damaged hair, here are a list of the best shampoos to snag right now!


Fine Hair

Having a decent amount of hair is not the same when your hair falls flat against your head. Add some life to your locs with Moroccan Oil- Extra Volume Shampoo. Packed with argan oils and rich nutrients, this extra volume shampoo will add shine and body to your hair.

deva-curl-no-poo-shampooCurly Hair

If you’re seeking bouncy non greasy curls, this cleanser is the one for you! The Deva Curl- No Poo Zero Lather Conditioning Cleanser contains peppermint and grapeseed oils that cleans your scalp without blocking your natural oils. This cleanser is also a perfect frizz minimizer.



Redken Diamond Oil Shampoo is perfect for damaged and dull hair. Packed with nourishing foam, it helps strengthen your hair which prevents breakage. Say goodbye to dry dull hair and hello to shiny gorgeous strands.



Whether you are a full blown naturalista or in the awkward transitioning faze, Crème of Nature Sulfate-Free Moisture and Shine Shampoo is the shampoo that you’ll need. I personally love this shampoo, packed with argan oil, this shampoo will leave your hair feeling soft and manageable.



Having oily hair can be a pain especially when you’re out of dry shampoo. To ease the hassle of looking like a grease monkey, finding the right shampoo will do the trick! Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo Two is the perfect shampoo to minimize oil. Containing Chamomile, henna, rosemary, aloe vera, jojoba and lemon extracts,  it will thoroughly cleanse your hair.





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