How To Pull Off Socks With Heels



Now that it is officially Fall, I mentally can not let go of all my Summer items. I refuse to pack away my open toe heels as well as my  skirts. The best part about this little problem is the art of layering and that good ole transitioning weather.  For today’s look, I took full advantage of the weather. I paired my black knitted sweater with a gold tinted pleated skirt. To add some sass to my look, I chose to wear socks with my heels.

To pull off socks with heels, may seem tricky to some but it’s actually really easy. Whether you are wearing jeans, skirts, or a jumpsuit, adding a dress sock will boost up your look. The best part about wearing socks with heels are that your choice of heel is completely up to your decision. From mules to pumps, let loose and switch it up!

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