10 Easy Costumes Ideas To Try Now

The best parts about Halloween are candy, costumes, haunted houses and of course pumpkin flavored products. Halloween is right around the corner and it is time to get into the costume planning stage. If you’re anything like me, procrastination will have you rushing at the last minute. Same some of that time and hassle and start planning now! If you’re on a budget, creating an affordable costume is easy to do. Whether you are going to work, school, or to a party, these 10 costume ideas are worth the try!


Photo via Buzzfeed

Tina from Bob’s Burgers

If you’re a major fan of Bob’s Burgers, this costume is for you. You’ll need glasses, a blue t-shirt, black skirt, and converses. Complete the look by wearing a short bob, and white striped socks.


Photo via Indikos


A witch costume is pretty easy to remake! All you’ll need is an all black outfit, and a witch hat. Paint your face green to add some oomph to the look and a broom as an accessory.


Photo via Buzzfeed


You’ll need toy worms, gold jewelry, and a white flowy dress. Add some dramatic makeup to fully bring out this look.


Photo via The Zoe Report

Snapchat Filter

Snapchat is all the rage, so why not turn the cute filters into a costume. You’ll need golden butterflies, a hot glue gun, and a headband to pull this look off.


Photo via Gurl

Character from Mean Girls

The hilarious line “She doesn’t even go here” is still a classic. You’ll need a hoodie, sunglasses and a piece of blank paper to pull this look off.


Photo via Pinterest

Crazy Cat Lady

Calling all cat lovers! You’ll need a rob, plush cats, and slippers. Find some hair rollers and a can to complete this look.


Photo via Eerie Zone

Wednesday Adams

You’ll need a black dress, a white button up, and pigtails. To complete the look, use gothic makeup and have a nonchalant attitude towards life 


Photo via Popsugar


This look is easy! You’ll  need a tie dye shirt, a peace sign or logo, and some fringes.


Photo via Her Campus

Frida Kahlo

You’ll need a flower crown and a bohemian inspired outfit. Create a unibrow and add some embellished jewelry to top of the look.


Photo via Smlxo

Little Red Riding Hood

All you need is a red hood to pull this look off. Wear all black and add some bloody makeup and you’re good to go.

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